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Solution Provider for Government Projects/ Infection Control

Novel Industries serves the U.S. Government and Military bases stationed overseas by providing them with necessary sources pertaining to their building projects working as agent and vendor and follow up services needed to fulfil the project requirements.


  • Competitive Price: Direct from the factories as a sole representative in the specific region.

  • Direct Communication: clear, easy, and faster result.

  • Full and Detailed Connections for Most of the Projects

  • Cohesive and Responsive in All Inquiries


In order to take part in the project bid, we reveiw all the specification and drawings of all items to be supplied and select the right and best products meeting the requirements.  After reviwing all the requirements, we make the most competitive project proposal for the contract.  Preparing the proposal normally takes 2 or 3 weeks to present but  quoting simple products needs only several days for a small project.


Being selected as the lowest bidder, we enter into the contract and signing it to start preparing the Submittal Process.  This process involves gathering product Information data to get the product approval for each and every single items that are supposed to be delivered.  Based on the information and data gatherings, we prepare 4288/ 4025 Engineering Forms to the U.S. Military Design Departments.


Upon approval of 4025, orders are entered for the delivery. Overseas shipment should be arranged through the customers' designated freight forwarders or the other 3rd party freight forwarders that we recommend. We provide shipping documents including Bill of Lading, Insurance, and Certificate of Origin.  

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