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Novel Industries Entered Into Exclusive Distributorship Contract with Mintie Technologies, Inc. 
To Take Part Into Its Global Mission In South Korea Region.
Disease Infection Controls and Public Health

Novel Instruments, Inc, has entered into the exclusive distributorship contract with Mintie Technologies, Inc., for South Korea Region on June 19th, 2015.  Mintie is the world leader and manufacturer of the Containment and Negative Air Machine for Airborne Isolation that is used to protect people from the pandemic virus and diease, and Novel will dedicate its effort to serve South Korea in conjuction with Korean CDC, Ministry of Health and Welfare, City and State Hospitals, and other health related organizations. 







 Mission for Infecton Control  

Novel Instruments, Inc. has announced its new mission as completed the exclusive distributorship contract for South Korea region with Mintie Technologies, Inc., the world leader of containment and negative air machine for airborne isolation, in that it initiates the novel solution and should be able to educate the public the need for preparedness and response to the pendamic virus disease and infection control.   Mintie technology has outrun the industries by bringing the unique solutions and benefits.



- Create Emergency Anteroom (Patient Room + Isolation)

- Mass Isolation/ Cohorting 

- Increase available negative pressure rooms set up anytime and anywhere

- Portable, deployable, movable function - Multifunctional Cost Effective Solution


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